Philosophy of SGMCOE

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Sant Gajanan Maharaj College Of Engineering, Mahagaon, stands for performance par excellence. In the world where it is commonplace to see mediocrity as the order of the day, SGMCOE always stands as the guiding star of brilliance, quality and deliverance beyond expectations. Innovativeness and Creativity are the hallmarks of a genius enterprise and SGMCOE stands to be a stage where these qualities would be nurtured, encouraged and blossomed. Inner re-engineering towards a proactive outlook, courage to convert challenges into opportunities and an unyielding spirit with never-say-die attitude is expected from students, staff and management who are present in the grand precincts of the Institution. The genius is incomplete without the sense of social responsibility and SGMCOE's ultimate goal remains the development of an attitude of gratitude that freely gives back without expectations.

"For the true measure of giving is giving without measure."